Iconic Corporation is a global technology and product innovation company.

Iconic is driven by acclaimed professionals in many aspects of technology development, product design, corporate branding and sales channel marketing. Our R&D activities focus on telecom devices, PC and video gaming accessories and Power-over-Ethernet technologies for consumer products and applications.

Iconic’s world-class technical team is expert in all aspects of the company’s devices and solutions. Device drivers, algorithms, IC programming, core electronic modules and PCB design are all handled in-house. This complete process ensures, optimum device stability, full control over functionality and minimized manufacturing cost.

Iconic also develops its PC application software in-house. User interface design, program stability and ease-of-use make Iconic software both intuitive and joy to use.

In addition to own brand products, Iconic provide OEM and ODM solutions for companies worldwide. Technology licensing, component IC’s, modules and fully customized hardware and software solutions are all available options to make the product development process as simple and as cost effective as possible for our OEM, ODM partners. Iconic’s OEM and ODM solutions including USB and Gigabit Ethernet based digital medical imaging cameras, Gigabit Ethernet based cameras for industrial inspection applications, Gigabit Ethernet based TDI Line-Scan cameras for Dental imaging applications, for digital mammography applications, and industrial inspection applications, CCD and CMOS camera control modules, as well as camera communication modules

Iconic develops core technologies and intellectual properties in its office in Princeton, USA. Visual design, product branding and marketing are managed in offices in UK and Ireland. This dynamic combination enables the company to develop the best technologies embedded within stunning visual design to create innovative and cost competitive products.

Iconic’s fast and professional work ethic minimizes development cycles and enables the company to rapidly respond to customer needs and changes in market trends.

With our vast technical knowledge, pool of resources and passion to challenge conventional boundaries we look forward to an exciting future in one of the fastest growing industries in the world.


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