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'The G1 works flawlessly with PS2 and Xbox titles.’ 
Could This be the World's Greatest Lightgun
‘...damn if it isn’t the best lightgun we’ve had the chance to get to grips with in the last few years!’
World’s Coolest Light Gun
‘Think how much more of a laugh it’d be wasting Nazis, zombies and aliens with this RGT:G1 Light Gun.’
‘...we reckon that eReal Games have kick-started the next generation of light guns with a great product. Get one now.’ 
‘...At E-Real Games, I tried out this light gun, the G-1. Normally, these things are marginal at best, but this one calibrated in about 3 seconds and worked like a champ with House of the Dead on Xbox. I was slaughtering zombies with ease and I might add, a bit of evil glee.’
‘...The brief bit of hands-on experience I had with it at E3 was impressive, but I hope to give the G1 Light Gun a full and proper review when we get one in-house for more in-depth testing.’
‘This gun is awesome! Seriously. I have a 52" widescreen rear projection HDTV, and it's like having my own arcade in my house now. No other light gun would work with my TV, but this one works great. I use it for both Xbox and PS2 gun games, and the gun works equally well with both systems. The wireless gun is also a plus since I sit back about 5 or 6 feet from the TV when I use it. I highly recommend this gun to anyone who likes gun games and has a big TV. It is well worth the money.’ 
‘Great Great and Great again, It works just like it says on the box and even works when set up a little different from the norm.’
‘….playing House of the Dead 3 or Time Crisis 3 on a 100” Projection Screen is a Marvel to behold and does make the arcade redundant. The Build Quality and After sales Service from e-real is Excellent and at this price you get a wireless Gun that you have been waiting years for, Top Marks to e-real for this Amazing piece of hardware… Yours Stars!!!!!!!!!’
‘Absolutely fabulous product! I have just set up a home theater room with a high-definition DLP Projector and a 90" projection screen. Movies and games are awesome on the big screen but I was disappointed because I couldn't play my favorite shooter games on my PS2. I was initially skeptical of the claims that the gun worked with any type of television, but, the company seemed reputable and I figured if it didn't live up to its claims, I could simply return it for a refund. Needless to say, I will not be returning it. The gun works as advertised and the setup/calibration is a cinch. Its great to play Time Crisis with almost life-size opponents! Thanks E-Real Games for making such a wonderful product!’
‘…I will absolutley make sure erealgames goes to the top of my list when shopping. [And with a 10 year old boy and 13 year old can be a lot].’
‘Wow, you guys rock on customer support! I'm actually going to give one of them as a gift and keep one for myself, so I still would like both. Thanks very much for the info and replies.’
‘… I picked up House of Dead 3 for Xbox and it works great! Being a owner of first generation plasma, I have been waiting a long time for this day! Thanks!’
‘… That's awesome... you seem like a really cool company! I already have recommended your product to my friends, and I will tell even more people about your excellent customer service. Thanx again!’
‘Hi. Your new Light gun looks GREAT!! But I am a PC man. And I would love it if you created one for the PC.’
‘Please, please, please make the PC version!! There are thousands of MAME gamers out there and we are all in need of a good light gun! Especially with two player support. It will be worth while for you to make a PC version, I promise you! :-)’
‘….Good luck in your endeavors. We all appreciate the unique products that companies like yours innovate and manufacture allowing us to have our fun.’
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