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How it Works  

The Fortuneball is designed to enhance your outlook on life and your chances of personal success. Use it wisely and frequently.

It is important to realise that a Common or Rising Fortune displayed in your Fortuneball does not imply a bad day. In order to have a positive result you need to give more effort and consideration when planning tasks or events. As your fortune increases to a Good Fortune, your chance of a successful outcome is more likely. At the upper end of the Fortune scale you will have Great and Supreme levels of Fortune. These indicate a significant increased chance of success in your life.

If you have romantic concerns, your Fortuneball can help you choose the best time to ask someone on a date or even pop the question. Go to your Fortuneball and select the Love subject. Move forward through the following days to find out when your love life is more fortunate and seize the opportunity.

Your Fortuneball may also help you improve your financial and career prospects. The Wealth Subject is specifically designed to help you decide when to close an important deal, make a career move, seize an opportunity or even buy a lottery ticket.

If you have an important interview, you can consult your Fortuneball. When your Fortuneball indicates a Good to Supreme Fortune, you will be more confident in the interview. When a Common or Rising Fortune is displayed, you should prepare more thoroughly. Whatever your reading for that particular day, it is always better to know your Fortune in order to increase your chance of success.

If you want to feel happier within yourself, your Fortuneball can increase your sense of commitment to help you manage everyday challenges with inner confidence.



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