'I absolutely love my fortuneball, I consult it daily to find out what my day has in store for me, and its never got it wrong yet!' Sarah, Bristol UK
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Award winning gift giving daily insight to your
Love-life, Wealth and Wellbeing

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Fortuneball has been developed after years of focused research and an analysis of the most successful systems of understanding the psyche and the traceable patterns of our lives. It is surely the most exciting development in Fortune Prediction and understanding of the Self for centuries. The heart of the Fortuneball is a computerised Fortune Prediction System, which draws on our birthday data to tell us as much perhaps as we can know about our personal rhythms and moods on any given day. With its help we can navigate temporarily rough seas and look ahead to calmer waters and sunlit places.

Fortuneball is designed to be personal for you, and those around you. Fortuneball will provoke your daily curiosity, inviting easy access to astonishing insights about the shape and colour of your daily life.

This extraordinary tool reveals yourself to you from the date – and the hour if you know it – of your birthday. Ancient wisdoms believe this date marks our entry point into the cosmos, the map co-ordinates from which we can find our bearings throughout life. But even in the most rational and scientific of worlds, it is undeniable that our birthday is a vital part of our identity on the planet.

To these insights about ourselves must be added the beauty of the object itself: the crystal ball is emblematic of a world of light and colour, the symbol of a smooth life without obstacles, the favourite object in Feng Shui for enhancing the home and the office. The proportions of the Fortuneball have also been chosen especially to match the rules of the golden proportion, which help us instinctively to feel balanced and uplifted, and to heighten our aesthetic senses in any space.

Greater understanding of your future can empower you to take control of your life, and help you make decisions with confidence. The Fortuneball will also work subtly to improve the feelings of family harmony, happiness and success wherever it is placed.



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