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Smart RingSLIC PRO
The World's First RingSlic with MCU, FSK Generator and DTMF Decoder
VoIP Telephone
Modem voice interface
IP gateway voice interface
Wireless access point interface
Set-top box voice interface
Easy customization of module PIN definitions
Wireless public phone / PSTN interface

Iconic Smart RingSLIC’s are currently the only RingSLIC (Ringing Subscriber Line Interface) modules in the world with an integrated micro-controller (MCU). Hence the modules are smarter and more adaptive than most existing modules. For example, by simple software modifications, Smart RingSLIC’s can easily be adapted to various telecom systems without hardware changes. In addition, several RingSLIC functions are realized by the MCU, instead of using separate chips. This makes the module extremely cost competitive. Smart RingSlic has integrated all required functions into one compact module. This makes them very easy to use. Provide a single 5V DC source and the modules will give you all the necessary functions, such as DC/DC conversion, Ringing signal generation, voltage reverse signal generation without an external relay, battery feed, or a 2-4 wire hybrid conversion. By using the Iconic Smart RingSlic modules, a system integrator or a device manufacturer can significantly reduce the overall development cost and time to market.

Iconic Smart RingSlic family consists of six individial modules to better meet your specific needs. When your application needs the caller ID function, Smart RingSlic CID will be perfect for you. If you need to implement both Caller ID and DTMF decoder in your system, then Smart RingSlic Pro will be your best choice. If you want to generate a very strong ringing signal with a peak-to-peak voltage of 160V, the EX modules will be your best choice.

Modules in the Series

Smart Ring SLIC
Smart Ring SLIC Ex
Smart Ring SLIC CID
Smart Ring SLIC CID Ex
Smart Ring SLIC PRO
Smart Ring SLIC PRO Ex



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