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Callbox Manager & Recorder
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  Silently record any phone conversation with a simple mouse click.
  Keep recordings of your important calls on your computer
  Essential for recording verbal agreements and to avoid misunderstandings
  Essential tool for call training and monitoring
  Iconic's supplied CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software allows importing of your existing address book.
  Iconic's own built-in Caller ID processor identifies the caller and opens their file automatically to allow note taking.
  Automatically databases both incoming and outgoing calls
  Search call history by time, date and caller ID and notes
  Connects easily between your handset and phone and plugs into the USB port on your computer
  Records directly to your computers hard drive.
  Works with any phone or phone system at home or office
  Simple setup and easy to use
  No software training required
  Very high quality components
  Unbelievably low price

System Requirements
IBM PC Compatible Computer, 800 MHz or Faster Processor,
128 MB RAM, 15MB Available Hard Disk Space, CD Drive, USB Port.

Operating System
Windows 2000 (SP4) or Windows XP

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