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USB Device to Track and Manage
your Personal and Business Calls





The Iconic Callbox Manager is the latest USB device to track and manage your personal and business telephone calls.

Simple to install and easy to use, Callbox Manager is perfect to help you keep track of negotiations, agreements, sales transactions and any other business you handle by phone.

Callbox Manager comes with it's own CRM software to manage, track and org anise your contacts. This powerful application can also atomically identify a caller in your database and open their record and call history for reference and note taking.

Up until now, this level of functionality has been the domain of expensive enterprise level telephone systems. Now you get all the benefits at a fraction of the price and with no special training required.

If you would like to record your calls as well, you may be interested in the Iconic Callbox Manager & Recorder.

Business managers
Sales and marketing executives
Accounting and legal staff
Training and monitoring
Small call centers, customer service
Financial trading, banking, accounting
Emergency services
Legal offices
Contract negotiation
School administration, reception, counseling
Human resource departments
Dispatch centers
Conference call meetings


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