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Make and Receive Skype Calls from your Landline Phone  

Callbox Skype Gateway is an amazing device enabling you to make Skype calls from any connected landline phone. Callbox Skype Gateway gives you seamless integration of all your phone calls making life freer and easier than ever before.

Callbox Skype Gateway enables you to make and receive both Skype and landline calls from any phone. No longer do you need to sit at your computer, wear a headset and wait for a call. With Callbox Skype Gateway you can use your familiar landline handset for both types of calls.

Callbox built-in voicemail function allows you to record incoming calls and customize your own outgoing message.

Callbox Skype Gateway also gives you access to Skype telephone conferencing. Now you can conference upto 5 Skype callers at the same time and all on your normal handset.

Additional functions including call waiting, call switching, speed dialing, and ringtone selection make using Skype more intuitive.

Also, take a look at Callbox Skype Gateway Pro with it's extended feature set including making Skype calls from a mobile phone.



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